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Bruno Marro was born on March 5, 1956 in Turin. Musician, Composer, Writer. He has written music for: cartoons and background for television services and broadcasts. He has collaborated with many international artists and produced all his records singing and playing the guitar that is his favorite instrument.

Over the years he has directed theater.
Settled in Milan in the 80s, he worked in Virgin Record, collaborated with Mediaset and RAI broadcasting television. He worked in the fashion industry writing music and producing promo clips.
The project “Heart to Heart”, was born in January 2023, after another year in which I saw friends fall and many others have major health problems. “Heart to Heart” is a mix of love, screams, voices, notes and chords, which I hope will unite, millions of people, who every day fight this criminal transformation of our lives, making us all feel less alone. Why a record in English? Because what is happening is about all of us, and we are all called to do something, to build a better future for our children and the Planet on which we live.

So listen to the record and if you like it, buy it and share it.
Merry Christmas to all.
Bruno Marro

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